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Dedicated to uncovering the best vintage and modern saxophones and accessories. Join us at the forefront of the search for handmade products, closet horns and professional setups.
Vintie or mintie?

See the latest unique, handcrafted designs for Sax Spy End Plugs and other great products.


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Bundle - Sax Spy Art Prints Selmer Mark VI

Bundle - Sax Spy Art Prints Selmer Mark VI

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  • Vintie or Mintie?

    Uncover the world of vintage and modern saxophones. Learn about ligatures, mouthpieces, reeds and setups used by professional musicians.

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    Download educational materials featuring the latest top-secret tips, sax hacks and covert collections. Enjoy studying the saxophone from unconventional perspectives.

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    Handmade, custom fit and expertly curated products for the discerning saxophonist. Connect with buyers and sell your used gear with Sax Spy Declassifieds.


What saxophone are you playing on?

For most of my reviews, I use:

Alto: Selmer Mark VI 80xxx

Tenor: Selmer Mark VI 79xxx or Cannonball Vintage Reborn "Brute" Lady Godiva.

Will the Sax Spy End Plug fit my saxophone?

Yes. They are handmade and custom fit to your horn's dimensions. If needed, the cork can easily be sanded to fit your horn with the included sandpaper.

Where can I learn about saxophones?

Check out the hundreds of posts over at and keep an eye out for the upcoming top-secret tips!